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Week Beginning 12.10.20

Good afternoon! Is it really Friday again?! We have had another lovely week although I think that by Tuesday lots of us will be ready for half term. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜΄


We have continued with our class story ‘leaf’ this week and have had lots of discussions about how we can make new people or new friends feel welcome.  We all decided that a simple smile is the best place to start to show that we are friendly and welcoming!  We have enjoyed decorating our own polar bear templates with lots of different leaves.  We have tried to identify each leaf and have discovered that some leaves change colour in Autumn (deciduous leaves) and that some remain green all year round (evergreen.)


We have concentrated on our segmenting for spelling skills this week, ensuring that we can hear the sounds within a word before we attempt to write it.  We have written words this week that include the ‘ai’ and ‘ar’ phonemes and have looked again at how to form the letter ‘a’ correctly.


In Dance we followed a Dance workout instructor and tried to keep up with all of the different moves! We all found it really fun and excellent fitness. ☺️


We have continued our balancing on one leg in our outdoor PE session, ready to balance on the choppy seas in our pirate ship, The Scoundrel! We challenged ourselves to perform mini squats on one leg, lean forward as far as we could and backwards as far as we could too!


In Phonics we have recapped this week the short ‘oo’  and the long ‘oo,’ ‘ar’ and ‘or.’  We have done lots of blending and segmenting of words with these sounds, with Geraldine the Giraffe helping us again.

We have also practised spelling the tricky words ‘no’ and ‘go.’


In Maths we have continued our work on comparing numbers using < > and =, using objects from our Loose Parts area in the classroom to show that we are beginning to understand what greater than, less than and equal to means.  We are beginning to say our number sentences too and record them in our books, recognising that we can use different symbols depending upon which number comes first in our number sentences e.g. 7 < 10 and 10 > 7.


Thank you for commenting on Seesaw relating to your child’s learning.  It is really useful to read your comments, especially with regards to reading at home, and ensures that we can build successfully upon the learning undertaken in school and what the children have been doing at home too.  Thank you also for sending photos of home activities through.  Unfortunately we can’t show objects from home (so thank you for not sending any items into school) but we do love looking at the photos you’ve sent on Seesaw! πŸ‘πŸ»


This week in Science we have been continuing to explore our senses by making sensory bottles for our chill out basket in class.  The children used funnel to fill bottles with a variety of different coloured liquids, small objects and glitter. We discuss how oil and water do not mix and colour mixing to make new colours. They have taken it in turns to explore the how they look and sound!


In PSHE during circle time, we have been practising our listening skills, playing a game where the children pretended to be villagers trying to take some keys from a sleeping dragon.  The children are growing in confidence with speaking during circle time in small groups.


In Music we have completed our unit on Hip Hop music with our performance of Hey You.  The children took turns to play instruments and have worked hard to try and find the pulse in the music and keep in time. Videos to follow on SeeSaw.


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.