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Week Beginning 14.9.20

Another week has flown by, and what a busy week it’s been!

We have carried on our work about The Colour Monster in class.  The children are all beginning to identify and verbalise their emotions and we are developing strategies to help one another, and ourselves, if we are experiencing a negative emotion.  We have all identified things that help us feel calm, including stroking our pets, listening to music, having a nap and cuddles with a loved one! 🥰

Our work on emotions has continued into our Dance lessons on a Wednesday.  We listened to the wonderfully calm classical piece ‘Clair de Lune’ by Debussy and explored different ways of moving and travelling around the hall using our whole bodies.  We are using this piece of music to help us get ready calmly for PE sessions too!

Our Thursday PE session continued our work on footwork, side stepping, high knees and hopping.  We were all great at practising our new skills on our ‘BMX bikes’ and enjoyed showing our friends what we had done.

In Phonics we are recapping Phase three sounds and ensuring that we can blend them for reading and segment for spelling, learning the correct letter formation at the same time.  The sounds we have recapped are j, w, x, y, z and zz.  We have also read the tricky words I, no, go, to, the, he and she.

In Maths we have been representing different numbers with objects, taking some away and seeing how many are left and identifying different number bonds.  We have been using the tens frames to help us count accurately and identify the difference between tens and ones.

The Creative Area has produced some wonderful creations, including bags and a variety of paintings made with paintbrushes, fingers and hand prints!  

We are enjoying our playtimes on the field whilst the weather is fine and are talking lots about appropriate games that we can all play together.  We have ordered a bag of playtime equipment that will be used to enhance our playtimes outside and facilitate new games for us all to play.  We are also going to be spending some time learning some new playtime games together. ☺️

In Friday in Science we learned how to identify common features and compare similarities and 
differences. We discussed the question: How do we change over time? We played a game where we had to match pictures of each other with our baby photos. We all looked very different and for the pictures where the baby was very young it was very difficult! Next week we will be doing an investigation about body parts and practising our measuring! 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend together and come back refreshed on Monday, ready for another busy but fun week!

Our PE sessions continue to be Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  Please bring PE kits in with you both days, children will wear their PE kits home.