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Week Beginning 21.9.20

Hello everyone! We’ve certainly seen a change in the weather this week and are so grateful for our covered outdoor area, allowing us to get outside still.  Please make sure that your child now has a coat in school so that they can use our outdoor area all year round.  We would also like to ask you to send in a pair of named wellies in a named plastic bag that we can keep in school.  This will mean that we can use our playground and field zones in all weathers!  Being outside is so important to child development and we want to make sure that everyone has the appropriate footwear in school so that we can continue to learn and play outdoors.


We have read a new book this week called The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.  The story is about a little girl who believes that she can’t draw.  She gets frustrated in her art class and ends up just making a dot on her piece of paper.  Her art teacher asks her to sign it and the next time the little girl goes to her art class her dot is framed and hung up behind her teacher’s desk.  Vashti then goes on to make lots of different dots in lots of different ways, putting on an art display in her school.   The children realised that the message of the story is to ‘have a good go and to not give up.  We all talked about what we would like to be able to do that we think we can’t do yet and all wrote lovely sentences describing this.  We also created our own dots, signing them with our names.


In Art this week we used a variety of different objects to print different sized dots on paper plates!  They are now on display outside our classroom and really brighten up the corridor.


We were exploring music that made us feel ‘happy, excited and thrilled’ this week in Dance.  We were moving quickly and excitedly to the joyful music which reminded some of us of fairground music! It was great to see the children using different speeds and levels in their movements this week.  Even though the piece of music we danced to was just over two minutes long we were all quite out of breath after moving so energetically!


Our Thursday PE session was a calm and relaxing Cosmic Kids Yoga session, due to the weather conditions outside!


In Phonics we are continuing to recap Phase three sounds, ensuring that we can blend them for reading and segment for spelling, learning the correct letter formation at the same time.  The sounds we have recapped this week are qu, sh and ch .  We have also practised spelling the tricky words they’ and ‘to.’  We are singing the accompanying Jolly Phonics songs - you can find these on YouTube!


In Maths we have been counting forwards and backwards with numbers to 20 and beyond!  We have also started counting at different numbers, for example counting from 6 in 1’s 5 times.  What number will we land on? 11!  We have also been making sure we are saying our teen numbers correctly - thirteen and not thirty!


The Creative Area has produced some wonderful ‘The Dot’ inspired pieces of art and the children have been using different resources to create different dot effects.  The googly eyes have also been a big hit this week!


Our two new playtime games this week were Name Chase (a bit like Duck, Duck, Goose) and Fruit Bowl.  The children loved learning new games and we look forward to learning some more next week.


This week in Science we have been looking at our amazing bodies! We played Simon Says with the basic parts of the body. We then drew around some children and identified some of the main parts of the body and discussed what we thought the job of each body part is. The children then each added labels to their own individual body, we even labelled some trickier parts like ankles, elbows and chins.


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.