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Week Beginning 23.11.20


Hello everyone.  We’ve had a lovely week in Caterpillar class, if a little chilly at times (although the children don’t seem to feel it as much as the adults!). We are asking children to wear their jumpers and cardigans in the classroom and wear their coats in our outdoor area.  Mrs Kearns has said to the children in assembly that they can bring in layers to wear under their uniform to keep warm.
Our performance of Snowflakes, Let It Go and Hallelujah took place on Wednesday afternoon and the children certainly delivered!  They remembered all of the words and sang their hearts out.  It certainly made us all feel very festive and we are looking forward to all of the Christmas and Winter crafts that the following weeks hold.
We had a very special visitor into our classroom this week.  The third Little Pig from The Three Little Pigs arrived on Wednesday morning with a big problem.  Their first two houses had been blown down by the Big Bad Wolf and their third house had been flooded!  The children really enjoyed designing new houses for the pigs, thinking carefully about the materials they would use and how to keep them safe from wolves and floods.  However another big problem occurred on Thursday.  The Big Bad Wolf had kidnapped our Little Pig! He left us a note asking us to complete a series of tasks in order to get our Little Pig back.  Our first task was to learn the story of The Three Little Pigs off by heart with actions.  We all enjoyed creating a story map to help us learn the story and use the story language.  I wonder what the next few tasks will be?!
In Phonics this week we have been doing lots of blending to read words, making sure that we are looking for those digraphs and trigraphs.  We are continuing to draw sound buttons to help us see all of the different sounds and have enjoyed sorting words into real words and fake words by playing Buried Treasure.  We have also been segmenting for spelling, identifying how many sounds we can hear in words, drawing the number of sound buttons and then writing the sounds.  We’ve enjoyed playing Rocket Rescue and Space Race on Phonics Play - have a look at home if you can!
In Maths we have been using the part part whole model and the bar model to help us with addition.  We have been using these to help us find missing numbers in number sentences too!  E.g. 4 + ? = 6.
In History we have compared some toys that were originally invented over 100 years ago but are still played with today, e.g. Meccano.  We identified how they were made from different materials and how the packaging had changed.  We also spotted that a lot of modern Meccano sets have some sort of electronic component.
We really enjoyed thinking about how our families care, protect, provide and love us this week.  We hope you enjoyed the messages we posted on Seesaw for you!
In PSHE we discussed feelings and in circle time we shared the things that make us feel certain emotions. The children really enjoyed this and were keen to share their experiences.

In Science we looked deeper into materials by discussion properties of materials.  The children learned lots words to describe the properties such a hard, soft, opaque, transparents, stiff and bendy.  They explored the classroom and begane to group materials by their properties.  Next week we will be focussing on which materials the pigs chose to build their houses from!

In R.E. we continued to think about 'The Prodigal Son. The groups swapped around this week and we did a range of activities including acting out the story, sequencing the story and writing about how we can be more compassionate to others.


We hope that you all have a lovely and warm weekend! ☺️