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Week Beginning 28.9.20

Hello everyone.  Thank you to those of you have already sent wellies in.  I think we will be needing them next week looking at the weather forecast!  Could you please ensure that your child is also bringing a coat into school everyday as we will certainly be using our Outdoor area regardless of whether it is raining or not!


This week we have read a book called Ish, again by Peter H. Reynolds.  The story is about a little boy called Ramon who loves to draw.  One day his brother laughs at his drawing which results in Ramon getting angry and frustrated with his own drawings, crumpling them up and throwing them on the floor.  However his sister is picking up his crumpled drawings and hanging them up in her bedroom because she likes them.  When Ramon sees all of his drawings hanging on his sister’s bedroom wall she explains that they look ‘ish.’ Ish means ‘kind of’ like what he is attempting to draw.  Ramon then goes on to paint more ‘ish’ pictures, even writing an ‘ish’ poem.  We had lots of fun completing our own ‘ish’ drawings and learning how to encourage each other, even if we find something difficult. Our ‘ish’ crumpled paintings look amazing hung up on the wall in the classroom too!



We have compared two different pieces of music in Dance this week.  The first piece made us feel joyful and happy and the second piece made us feel calm and relaxed, with some children saying it made them feel a bit sad and sleepy! All of the children were able to move appropriately to suit the feel of the music and could clearly show the difference between feeling happy and sad using their bodies.


Our Thursday PE session was back to developing our footwork skills on our ‘BMX bikes!’  We were sidestepping, marching, attempting to do high knees with opposite arms (this was particularly tricky!) and hopscotching! We are also getting really good at recognising how our warm ups help our bodies get ready for physical activity and following instructions when we are outside on the field.


In Phonics we have recapped this week are th, ng and ai.  We have done lots of blending and segmenting of words with these sounds, with Geraldine the Giraffe helping us.  You can find her videos on YouTube here:

We have also practised spelling the tricky words ‘we,’ ‘me’ and ‘be.’

Thee are lots of fun games that you can play at home to make learning tricky words more fun (tricky words are words that can’t be sounded out in the same way.) There are some excellent videos by a teacher on her YouTube channel ‘Stories ‘n’ Stuff’



In Maths we have been finding one more and one less than a number, as well as practising counting forwards and backwards still.  We are looking really carefully at mathematical language too so that we really understand what more and less mean.  We have played some fun games and have been looking at reading two-digit numbers all the way up to 100 - making sure we say the tens first e.g. 72 is seventy-two and not twenty-seven.


We were so excited to receive some new playtime and PE equipment for our class this week.  We took tennis and soft balls out onto the field and had great fun playing catch and making up our own games to play with our friends.  We are still waiting for some more equipment and have spoken about the need to take care and look after it all so that we can use it all year round.


This week in Science we have received a letter from Miss Brace who runs the forest school at Hampton Dene. She needed to order some more wellies and gloves and asked the children to investigate a question - If someone has bigger feet does that means they have bigger hands?  The children really enjoyed measuring their hands and feet using cubes and we even explored rulers and tape measures. We then compared the data and discovered that there is a link! If you wear bigger wellies you will usually need bigger gloves too!


In PSHE we have been thinking about the things about us that are the same and things that make us different. The children have talked lots about what makes them special and what their likes and dislikes are and compared them to a friend. 


In Music we have continued to learn our song for this half term - Hey You! We are learning about hip hop style music and the track Hey You has a mixture of singing and rap with some actions. They enjoyed finding the rhythm to MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' on Friday.  We have been improvising some clapping patterns and experimenting with different instruments by trying to keep the beat.


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.