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Week Beginning 5.10.20

Hello everyone!  Another busy week is complete and we have just seven days left in school until half term.  This term really is flying by!


This week we have begun to read a beautiful book called Leaf, by Sandra Diekmann.  The story is about a strange white creature (a polar bear) which drifts into a forest upon some dark waves from the sea.  The creature is noticed by the animals of the forest but they are scared of this stranger and so run away from it.  They have a meeting saying that the creature is dangerous and different and that they want it to leave.  They decide to call it Leaf because it has spent a lot of time gathering leaves to take back to the cave. The creature hides from them all in a cave and then suddenly appears covered in beautiful leaves.  It runs and jumps, attempting to take flight but it fails.  The crows realise that this creature is in fact not dangerous, but perhaps lost and lonely.  They speak to the rest of the animals and try to persuade them to accept this stranger, and to help him.

The children have loved the beautiful illustrations in this story and have enjoyed using adjectives to describe the different forest animals and what they can see in the pictures.  We are going to complete the book next week and have made predictions about what we think may happen next to poor old Leaf!



We have worked with a partner in Dance this week to develop our movements to the classical music.  We have thought very carefully about moving all parts of our body and listening carefully to the music to see how quickly or slowly we should be moving, and whether we should change the speed if we hear the tempo of the music change.  We were able to share ideas with our partners and concentrated on working together, by mirroring or moving in canon.  We have remembered to use lots of different levels in our dances too which creates interest!


Our Thursday PE session was all about travelling to and on a pirate ship!  We were developing our static balances on one foot, trying not to wobble and to balance for 10 seconds.  We found that keeping our backs straight and our eyes focussed on one point helped us a lot!  We then challenged ourselves to do some mini squats on our balancing leg which was quite tricky but some of us managed it. 👍🏻


In Phonics we have recapped this week are ee, igh and oa.  We have done lots of blending and segmenting of words with these sounds, with Geraldine the Giraffe helping us.  You can find her videos on YouTube here:

We have also practised spelling the tricky words ‘was’ and ‘my.’



In Maths we have been comparing numbers by using the language ‘greater than’ and ‘less than.’ The children began the week by thinking that greater than meant the best number but we now know that ‘greater’ means ‘more than’ in Maths! We have also been calculating by how many a group of objects or a number is ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’, e.g. 7 is two more than 5.  We have introduced the symbols < > and = for comparing numbers.


We have concentrated on how we can be kind and show kindness to our friends this week.  We have created a new Class Dojo point for kindness and the whole class have worked together to earn whole class points for kindness.  Our Dojo points are awarded for lots of different reasons, being helpful, tidying up, working hard, great listening skill etc.  When children earn 10 points they choose a sticker and when they earn 20 they get to choose a little prize from the prize box.  Their points are then reset to 0 to start again.  We do lots of working out how many more points we need to get to 10 and 20, reinforcing the key skills of knowing our number bonds to 10 and to 20 in a real life situation.


All of the children are enjoying reading individually in class and are doing really well!  Please make sure that you continue to listen to your children read at home as just ten minutes a day is so important for developing those blending and comprehension skills.  Please either write in the reading record (we will check these on a Friday) or comment on the reading post in your child’s journal on Seesaw.   You could also record your comments as a message to me on Seesaw too.  Some children are using their Home Learning logins to post videos of them reading their books and key words which has been so lovely to see!  If you need a new Home Learning code please let me know.


This week in Science we have been exploring our senses! The children have looked at each of the 5 senses and which part of the body we use for each. They have done some senses investigations in groups, including exploring our sense of touch guessing objects in feely bags and guessing some interesting smells! We have also had lots of senses activities for them to investigate during their busy learning time, the tuning forks and feely tubs were a great hit!


In PSHE we have been continuing to think about all the things that make us special as well as further exploring what it means to be a kind friend. The children played a game where they sorted kind and unkind actions and decided what qualities they look for in a friend. We then thought about how we can all do some small acts of kindness every day to make ourselves and others happy.


In Music we have been preparing for our end of half term 'performance' of our song 'Hey You' by adding some actions to the song. The children have been learning to find the pulse and play xylophones and percussion instruments.  Our song appreciation track this week was 'It's like that' by Run DMC, which the children enjoyed dancing to and finding the beat. We are hoping to be able to upload some of our 'performance' for you to enjoy next week in our last music lesson before half term.


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.